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Kerry Cullinan Art Recoveralist [Art Mentor and Psychosocial Recovery Coach] Kerry is currently completing a Post Grad Counselling Cert, has a BA in Contemporary Art and Adv Dip Fashion and Textiles (Art and Design).

Kerry is the founder of Art recovery Hub and has worked as a Community Mental Health Support Worker at both MIFWA and Mable and as a Psychosocial Recovery Coach at Avenues Australia. Kerry has a lived experience of Mental Health Recovery and is a practicing, artist.


Kerry won the Artist in Residence Painting prize in 2017 after graduating from Edith Cowan University and had her first Solo Show Wild Oats that same year at Spectrum Galleries. Kerry also had her work in the Swan Contemporary Art Prize in 2011 and was shortlisted for the national Blake prize as part of the Directors Cut online Gallery in 2012.


Kerry hopes to continue to paint and inspire and encourage all people, including those who have or are at risk of Psychosocial Disability and/ or Mental Health issues; along the way, to achieve their creative goals.


Combining lived experience with learnt skills and knowledge and collaborating with aspiring artists to build life skills and make the most out of their time and use art as a tool for Recovery. Kerry hopes to help to foster Joy and hope in the lives of those she works with and most importantly self-expression. 




Providing quality Art Goal support to all young people including NDIS participants in Perth Western Australia. Supporting participants Recovery Journey through Creativity, Community and Connection. 

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Our Vision is to create a safe space for young people who may be experiencing isolation, to build their social skills and develop their Art Goals and foster a social and creative community. 

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